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Lashes on lashes on lashes.

Sexy, curled lashes with minimal maintenance.

At Shimmer N Shine by LC, there’s nothing we can’t do to get you the lashes you want. Get a volume set if you like your lashes thick and bold. Or get a lash lift and tint for a more natural look.


How Lash Extensions Work


First, you’ll discuss with your licensed esthetician the best lash extensions for your eye shape and the look you want.


We’ll place protective pads right below your eyes.


Then, we’ll use tweezers and minal glue (the best choice for sensitive eyes) to safely glue the lash extensions on top of your natural lashes. 

This service is for you if: 

If you want bold, long lashes with minimal maintenance. We recommend coming in for a refill every 2-3 weeks. Refills are where new lashes are added to areas where the original lash extensions have fallen out because of natural eyelash growth.


How Lash Lift & Tint Works.


First, you’ll discuss with your licensed esthetician the final result that you want for your lashes


We’ll start with cleansing the top and bottom of the lashes. Then, we’ll place protective pads under your eyes.


Then, we’ll apply a safe solution to your eyelashes that will lift and curl them. This works like a perm for your eyelashes, softening and elongating them.


Then, we’ll wait a few minutes before applying a setting solution to hold the curl in place.


Finally, we’ll apply a tint to the lashes to make them look even bolder and longer (the tint works like mascara that lasts several weeks).


This service is for you if: 

If you want something that’s bold and natural-looking, but also very low maintenance. This 1-hour service lasts 6-8 weeks. 


Lash Extensions

Classic Shimmer Set (1h 30m)

We’ll apply one lash extension to each natural lash for a powerful, enhanced look. We recommend coming in for refills every 2-3 weeks.



Volume Shimmer Set (1h 30m)

Up to 5 lash extensions applied to each natural lash for a bold, thick, and dramatic look. 


Hybrid Shimmer Set (1h 30m)

A Hybrid Set can be described as a cross between the Classic and the Volume set. We use a mixture of a 1-to-1 ratio (applying one lash extension to the natural lash) and a 3-to-1 ratio (applying three lash extensions to the natural lash) for a result that is not as thick as the Volume set but still just as powerful. 




Lash Enhancements

Lash Lift + Tint (1 hr)

This service is great if you want a super natural look with low maintenance. We apply a special, eye-safe solution to your lashes to “lift” and curl your lashes. Then, we add a tint to the lashes, like mascara that lasts several weeks.



Limited Availability! We recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to make sure you get a spot.


Classic Shimmer Set

Hybrid Shimmer Set

Volume Shimmer Set

Volume Shimmer Set

Lash Lift + Tint

Common Questions

Check out the answers to the most common questions people have about lash extensions and the lash lift + tint.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQs page.

Don't Take it From Us...



“LC is the best! My lashes look amazing all the time!” 

Chisato C.


"I recieved so many compliments!"

“Loved my lashes from LC! They stayed on for 2 weeks and I recieved so many compliments! Thank you again LC! I will be back again soon!” 

Nikkie T. 


"Looked natural!"

"Great services! Lashes looked natural! Brows were perfect!”

Sharon D.

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