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About Lauren ("LC")

It all started like this…

Like so many other people, the story of Shimmer N Shine starts with me losing my job to COVID and needing a way to make extra money. I’ve always been in the beauty industry, I’ve always loved doing facials for my friends and making people feel good about themselves. 

In the past, I’ve been to so many stylists that have done what they wanted and didn’t make any effort to listen to me and what I wanted. In general, I’ve always felt like people nowadays don’t really listen.

My whole life I’ve always loved to give back and service people. I was in Girl Scouts, I was a volunteer at my church where we would feed the homeless every week, and I was also a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization. 

To me, this is just the beginning...

Taking the leap

After taking a lash class and starting to do lashes for my friends, I realized I needed to be a licensed esthetician to open my own professional beauty salon.

It wasn’t until after I finished esthetician school and I started to offer more services that I realized how much I’d inspired people with my own story, and how much my clients have inspired me with their stories. 

I love making people feel good about themselves and instilling confidence in them. I love being able to provide a service that can give someone the confidence boost they need to push for their goals. I love meeting new people and getting to hear their stories. I love this.

The best feeling in the world to me is when someone gets out of my chair and tells me that it’s just what they wanted, that they love how they look now. I want every person that walks into Shimmer N Shine to feel good about themselves when they leave.

 “Sometimes all you need is love…and a fresh set of lashes”

Learn more about our services or get some more of your questions answered. And if you have any other questions or concerns, please email me: You can also call or text me at (323) 642-0017.

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